Come Blaze Your Own Way

Ok, here’s the deal.  You can get a job anywhere, but at Blaze Pizza, you’re building your career.  By becoming a Blazer, you’re joining a team that stretches around the world – a team of independent thinkers, people who understand that it’s our differences that make us stronger.

We always value the people behind the pizza! Because at Blaze Pizza, YOU are the most important part, working the frontlines where the dough hits the fire.

We want individuals that aren’t afraid to express themselves and recognize that making a pizza isn’t just about serving food to a guest – it’s about creating an experience that adds some fire to someone’s day.

So why not work someplace where you can be yourself, learn new skills while working a flexible schedule, and make some money along the way?

Want in? Fill out the form below, hit “Submit,” and let’s get this fire started!


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